The Roy Family

Our Foundation

Idaho Robotics is a privately held, family owned company based in Boise, ID.  Founded in 2017 by wife and husband, Amber and Steven Roy, Idaho Robotics grew from a passion to encourage children of all means to gain exposure to, and have fun experiences with, technologies that not only are shaping important aspects of their youth, but that they will increasingly be required to interact with and utilize in their social and professional lives as they grow older.  

The Roy Kids Hiking

Our Mission

We want kids all over Idaho to have fun learning to code and build robots in a team based environment.  No matter what age, elementary through high school, it is never too early or too late to start!  If they are already passionate about coding or robotics or both, great!  If they don't know the first thing about coding or robotics, that's just fine too!  We want everyone to be able to learn and explore together!

Robot game

Our Vision

Idaho Robotics seeks to foster a collaborative group learning environment that will be fun and inspire children to engage with technology across the varied fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  While playing with robots, children of all ages will learn to code, reinforce important science and mathematical lessons and principles and most importantly, instill critically important “soft skills,” like communication, teamwork and problem solving, to name a few.

Next Steps...

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