In Mission: Out to Sea you will be able to choose any or all of the challenges below to complete with your robot.  Be sure to incorporate any special attachments needed to accomplish a challenge in your design and then write your code to do them one at a time or in a sequence!

Wrecked Speed Boat: Lift the speed boat from where it is crashed on the rocks and place it on the trailer to be hauled away for repairs.

Rescue Raft Launch: Help the Coast Guard by launching their rescue raft off the back of the Cutter.

Lost At Sea: Rescue the fisherman in the one-person life raft that sent out a distress call after the fishing vessel went down in a storm.  Pick up the life raft and take it to the Coast Guard station, placing the raft nearby the dock in the marked area.

Communications Down: The recent hurricane has taken down the critical satellite link used at the Coast Guard station for all communications.  Fix the satellite dish by activating the device that raises it back into position.

Oil Spill Clean Up: A vessel transporting oil has a leak and the oil needs to be contained before clean-up can begin.  Help the jet ski driver deploy the containment boom so that the boom encircles the oil spill.

Buoy Rescue: Save the driver of the crashed speed boat by lifting him up (with the buoy) and placing him on the dock at the Coast Guard station.

Helicopter Repair: The helicopter’s repairs are now complete, and the helicopter needs to be delivered back to it’s landing pad.  Retrieve the helicopter from the repair facility and place it on the landing pad so it is ready for action.

Water Landing: Bring the Coast Guard’s sea plane to a smooth landing in the water.  Trigger the mechanism that sends the plane down onto the ocean.

Dolphin Rescue: The Marine Aquarium’s rescue team needs help responding to a sick and injured dolphin that is stranded on the beach.  They have the dolphin ready on the stretcher but it needs to be lifted onto the transport truck, so it can be taken back to the Marine Aquarium’s treatment facility.

Ocean Clean Up: Help the Coast Guard begin the process of cleaning up the floating plastics and trash that washed out to sea after the tsunami.  Pick up the plastics and trash from the ocean and transport it back to land to the designated clean-up site.