In Mission: Space you  will be able to choose any or all of the challenges below to complete with your robot.  Be sure to incorporate any special attachments needed to accomplish a challenge in your design and then write your code to do them one at a time or in a sequence!

Assemble Your Crew: Your mission commander has finished her prelaunch prep and is ready to join the rest of the crew.  Pick her up from the flight base and bring her back to the base area to join the crew.

Launch the Satellite into Orbit: You need to place a broadband communication satellite into low Earth orbit.  Program your robot to place the satellite on the marked spot so communications between the crew and Earth are ensured.

Return the Rock Samples: Part of this mission is the collection of rock samples for analysis by scientists.  Collect two samples from Mars and one from a nearby asteroid called Vesta.

Secure Your Power Supply: The solar arrays will need to be deployed in order to supply power to the space base.  Program the robot to unfold and finish setting up the solar arrays to get all of the complex systems up and running.

Initiate Launch: The crew is ready and the launch window looks favorable.  Program the robot to press the launch button and send the crew on their multi-year scientific journey.

Activate Communications: Collecting and transmitting data from the mission will be an important objective for the crew.  Help get the communications satellite in place so that the raw data can be sent back for analysis.

Free the MSL Robot: The MSL robot has been roaming all over Mars collecting data about climate and geology but now it is stuck on a steep slope on the Martian terrain.  Help the rover get over the slope to resume it's duties.

Setup Base:  The living quarters, lab and green house need to be deployed to ensure the long term success of the mission.  Have the robot activate the trigger mechanism to start the process of getting the space base up and running for the crew to live and conduct their analysis of the data and samples they collect.